February 10, 2012

what we wore

It's probably fair to say that I like my daughters clothes more then mine. Everything has an elastic waist, and she is able to wear patterns and colors that I could never pull off. Having said that, she's in black/white/grey and jeans most of the time. I wonder where she gets that from.  Anyway, I thought I'd occasionally share some of her crazy cute outfits with you all.

On Jen:
Jeans: Gap
Sweater: Marina Luna Cashmere via Winners
Boots: Rinaldi
Bracelets: Joe Fresh
Ring: as always, it's from Mexico

On Gianna:
Cardigan, shirt & socks: Old Navy
Jeggings: Children's Place
Scarf: H&M
Hat: Joe Fresh


  1. first, you look awesome with your glasses on so wear them more.
    second, OMG my niece is the cutest thing ever so PLEASE include more pics of her on here cause i just can't get enough and if i could squeeze her cheeks through my monitor i totally would.

  2. i was just thinking the same about squeezing the munchkin's cheeks. so stinking adorable. kinda disappointed thought that you guys didn't put my blog in the list of the ones you follow...not a whole lot of fashion on my blog but slowly but surely... :) and love the glasses jen and do wear them more.

  3. omygoooooodness jen, gianna's so precious. that little mouth is so cute! thanks for sharing... would love to see lots of gianna. she lights up the screen.