February 13, 2012

sunday's finds

I was unsuccessful with the red jeans. The Gap only had size 0 and 12 left, and I can't find them online. I tried on quite a few jeans and casual pants and started wondering what's going on with Gap's sizes. I even checked to see if these jeans were men's that I accidentally picked up. I've been a size 4 for a while, and now their pants are all falling off of me. And I know I'm short but this is just ridiculous. The sales guys answer was "oh, those have some stretch in them".

So I wandered through Forever 21 and scored this stuff instead.

Sorry, camera battery is dead so this is the best I could do.
Jeans: can't find a link. These beauties are indigo skinny jeans that turned out to be $7!
Necklace: similar
Black flower ring: similar
Gold bangle set: similar

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