February 25, 2012

shopping list

Kim and I are heading to Montreal tomorrow to do a little bit of shopping. I have a wedding to go to in March so I need a dress...and that's the excuse we're using to spend money we shouldn't be. I have a few other things on my list that I'll be keeping an eye out for. I'm hoping to find these, or something similar.  

Everyone needs a LBD and i'm liking this one from Simon's at $38!

Pleated waist tank dress

But since the wedding is small, and is guaranteed to be a good time, I'm thinking maybe something more fun would be nice.

Fluid open back dress
I'm sick of yoga pants. Although not exciting, I think a pair of skinny grey joggers would be good.
Sporty Lounge Pant

Now that I have a new love for belts, I'd like to own some colorful ones. Maybe a red one too.
Pleather Skinny Belt
As Kim has so nicely pointed out to me, I'm a little cardigan obsessed so I thought it'd be a good to add a few more blouses to my closet. The first one will probably end up looking like I'm wearing a paper bag, but the second one is cut perfect for me.

H&M Blouse
H&M Blouse
I'm seeing patterned pant's all over the place, and i'm liking these. I'm kind of thick in the legs so we'll see how they look on.

Cheap Monday Second Skin Jean
I've been looking everywhere for red pants, but all the ones I try on are super low rise. That does not in any way work with the mommy gut I'm sporting. These seem to have a nice high waist so I hope Urban Outfitters has them in stock.

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