February 11, 2012

new glasses

It's about freaking time I got new glasses. I was totally not feeling my current ones. (Hence why the latest slew of outfit posts I wasn't wearing them). I have come to the conclusion that my eyeballs and contact lenses just don't work well together. You may recall this post when my husband and I went glasses shopping last month. We finally got around to getting eye exams and picked out glasses. I was having a hard time deciding between the black Tiffany glasses I had found in that post, and brown tortoiseshell D&G ones I discovered this time around. In the end I figured it would be a good idea to have a brown and a black pair so I ended up getting both. (My husband got some funky Oakleys).

I could have defluffed my black t-shirt before shooting these. Welcome to my life in a household of many cats. And OMG how cute is the Tiffany-blue case!

Glasses purchased at Lenscrafters.


  1. ohhhhh those are so nice! nice photos by the way. looks like the new camera is working out!

  2. wow, you chose well! i'm liking that you picked one brown and one black. when i finally have enough saved for a new pair you're coming with me.