February 19, 2012

farm day

I'm a freak for animals. So today when we decided to go to the Experimental Farm, I knew I'd probably have more fun then the kid. I was right. We got to see little piglets, horses, a whole lot of pregnant goats (whose gestation period is 5 months...in case you were dying to know), dairy cows, and to my delight, a cow nursing her twin calves.  I can't wait for the spring when the place will be in full baby animal mode. 

Being Sunday, it's grocery day. And once again the sales at the Superstore were amazing. So I picked up all three of these from Joe Fresh. The cardigan was $9, the shirt $6, and the striped shirt for Gia was $8. Sweet deals!


  1. Your day sounds amazing!!! I'm also animal obsessed! If you're ever in LA, check out The Gentle Barn.

  2. Love your style....relaxed fit, yet trendy