February 24, 2012

dressing for a storm

We're supposed to get pounded with a major snow storm sometime today. Which means we won't be going far from home. I was hoping to pop by the mall downtown to grab this sweater to replace the ratty, 10 year old one I'm wearing below. It's the last few days of the huge end of season sale at Aritzia and I should have bought it before. Now I'm out of luck.
Anyway, I dressed for shovelling and walks with Gia's sled and snow ball fights. It's exciting, I know.

Sweater: Bluenotes, a gift from a decade ago!
Jeans: where else...Gap
Socks: Zellers...if anyone knows where to get these in Women's sizes please share!
Scarf: Dynamite
Boots: Hunter Wellies via Trustfund

1 comment:

  1. Love your old sweater....cozy!