February 28, 2012


This bird tee is going to be seen frequently on this lil blog. I'm LOVING it.

I'm aware that it's a no-no, but I think I'm going to have to start hanging most of my sweaters. The wrinkles are ridiculous, and most, like this wrap sweater, are impossible to properly fold. Wow, I'm loving how this is my biggest problem today.

Also, I'm thinking of taking a basic photography course, 'cause I'm pretty bad at it. I just bought a $300 lens and can barely get a focused picture.

Pants: TNA Corduroy Cargo Leggings via Aritzia
Tee: Simons, one of my purchases from Montreal
Wrap Cardigan: Gap (old)
Boots: Verona
Jewelry: I'm thinking they were all purchased on vacations


  1. Jen - I'm having that same sweater dilemma! My problem is I hate when you hang the sweater and you have permanent creases in the shoulder from where the hanger was. Annoying. Is it better than creases all over from being folded...THAT IS THE QUESTION. Start a poll...

  2. Totally digging this outfit jennifer

  3. i should have bought that shirt