January 16, 2012

weekend deals

If you're a lucky Canadian gal, and live near a Loblaws than I'm sure you too have been lured to the Joe Fresh section on more then one occasion. It's my favorite place to buy my daughters clothes ($6 sleepers!), and I stroll through the women's section on the regular to look for deals. The stuff is super cheap to begin with and usually everything ends up on sale.
So I brought home a grocery bag full of goodies.
My other sister, Julia, bought this faux leather bomber a few months back and I've been keeping my eye on it since seeing hers. It was marked down to $29, so it's now mine.
The shirts were no more than $14 each, and the bracelets were on sale for $5.

I really didn't intend to buy anything while killing time at the mall on Sunday, but lets be honest, signs that read "40% off the sale price" are too good to pass up.
I'm coming to realize I need some color in my wardrobe, so I picked up this gingham shirt at American Eagle for $19. The scarf ($14) and the tank tops (2 for $18) are from Dynamite.


  1. I freaking LOVE that gingham shirt. On a side note, Jeffrey Campbell had gingham Mariels (I have them in grey) over the summer and I regret not buying a pair.

  2. Solestruck has your size in the red Mariels......... :)

  3. shut up. and i want those fluevog boots way more.