January 20, 2012

thursday at the office

This was my funk-up-the-workplace outfit of the week. An oddly dishevelled gilet, bracelets with studs ad skulls, and studded booties. BAM!

Gilet: All Saints
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity Avedon low rise skinny (via Aritzia)
Booties: Senzo Ginneva (via Solestruck)
Bracelets: Links of London knock-off via Heavens to Betsy, Pandora charm, studded via F21


  1. If I showed up at work like that, I'd be sent home. Where do you work that you can dress so casually and do you know of any openings???

  2. i'm a public servant (in IT). if i go to work not wearing sweats/regular blue jeans and a t-shirt, i'm better dressed than the majority. if i dress up (ie. a dress for example) my coworkers ask who the funeral is for or where my job interview is.
    for the record, i save outfits like this for days when i don't have meetings.

    1. Ha! This guy I once worked with who usually dressed uber sloppy would sometimes show up in a suit. He would tell everyone he was getting married. He already was...to another co-worker. When I try something daring at work, I gets lots of those comments too. Annoying.

  3. The booties are particularly gorgeous.

  4. Thanks Siobhan! I LOVE those booties. They're like slippers. Too bad they're suede and have no heel or much of a sole - that means I can't wear them outside in the winter or they'll be destroyed in the snow/salt. Hence why they'll be showing up in my office photos frequently - I leave them there.