January 18, 2012


I cannot stand when stores have websites but do not offer online shopping. There's a pair of (jogging?) pants I saw at Aritzia before Christmas that are so unusual and about as fancy as one can get when talking about joggers. I want them. I didn't buy them because they were almost $100. They are now on sale but were not in the store when I was last at the mall. I just looked online, and found them BUT I CAN'T FRIGGIN' ORDER THEM. Stupid site. Stupid pants.

Wilfred Free Bard Pant


  1. ohhhhh....those are SWEET. now i see why these came up in about 4 convos.

  2. Love those! I feel the same way about some stores without online shopping, like H&M there isn't one near me and I love their stuff but I can't shop online!

  3. same here...no h&m around. drives me crazy!