January 16, 2012

outfits from the weekend

It was freaking FREEZING here this weekend - freeze the snot in your nose so your nostrils get stuck closed and your eyes sting from the wind kind of cold. Doesn't really make me want to dress up or anything. Rather, I'd like to see how many clothes I can layer on to keep my bones warm. I exaggerate, but not really. Anyway, here is what I wore out to dinner at our favourite Pho restaurant last night, and then what I wore to breakie at the pub.

Sweater: Zara
Cords: J Brand pencil leg
Belt: Gap
Booties: Jeffrey Campbell Milton (via Plum for Polly)
Bag: Brachfeld Parlaghy Josefina via Shopbop
Bracelets: brown leather band with brass ring - Mexico, beaded - A Twist of Fate

Sweater: Winners
Cargo skinny jeans: Citizens of Humanity via Holt Renfrew
Boots: Mjus via Wolf & Zed
Bag: Brachfeld Parlaghy Josefina via Shopbop


  1. Pho is amazing in cold weather (but I'll eat it at the height of summer too). What's your favourite place to go in Ottawa? I miss all the great pho places in Chinatown, I moved to Toronto 4 years ago and there's only one place I really like here.

  2. Pho Van Van on Holland Ave (yes, oddly enough we live right next to Chinatown and go the other direction for Pho) is the ONLY Pho place we ever go to. We're there at least once every couple of weeks.