January 19, 2012

nothing special

Heading to an appointment today, and after yesterdays heels episode I decided to be cautious and wear my Emu's. Yup, Emu's. Cause this mama is too cheap for Uggs. 
I can hear Kim now..."Emu's are not footwear...they, along with your Lululemon's are crimes against fashion". I will preempt this by saying I will be warm, dry, and free from slips and falls. I win.

Also, meet Minnie. She's needy today.

Jeans: Gap
Sweater: H&M
Scarf: Dynamite
Boots: Emu


  1. All I will say is I do not nor have I ever owned a pair of those damn boots.

    Hi Minnie!!

  2. Kim, me neither. But I LOVE the cardigan.

  3. Minnie needs a sister! How about Kim's rescue cat in her bathroom?

  4. minnie has a brother....an asshole cat we adopted from kim years ago because he didn't get along with her other cats. by some miracle minnie won him over. i doubt it would happen again with the bathroom cat.

  5. You are so sweet to have adopted the cat that didn't get along and Minnie must be a sweetheart too. Please don't call the cat an "asshole", though. There must be a reason for it. Give him lots of love. I like your outfit, especially the scarf. Sue

  6. I proudly wear my slippers (uggs)!

    You should give a scarf tying tutorial bc your's looks great and I don't know what to do with them.


  7. this is how i learned this particular scarf look. enjoy!