January 13, 2012

my purchases

Although I encountered every asshole salesperson alive yesterday, I enjoyed some much needed me time by indulging in a retail therapy session. I didn't have much money to spend but I did have a wallet full of gift cards. My grand out-of-pocket total was about $60 for ALL THIS STUFF!

Not quite the combat boots I've been searching for, but for $30 these boots will do just fine.

While at Aldo, I picked up this necklace only to realize at home that the friggin' tip of the leaf is broken off. It was only $10 and I already threw out the receipt so i'll just break more of it off and hope that it looks ok.

I returned 6 empty MAC containers in exchange for the Naked Lunch eye shadow, and used a gift card from my sister-in-law for the Gloss refill.

Thanks to my husband, I picked up these lovely studs from Magpie.

These are Corduroy Cargo Leggings. From Aritzia. With an elastic waist. Marked down to $39 from $80. I couldn't resist. They don't have back pockets so they look a bit weird, but nothing a long sweater can't take care of.

There were no clothes at Forever 21 that I liked, so I used my gift card on a bunch of accessories instead. Nothing here was over $10 and the best score was the rose necklace at $1.50. Those are my kind of prices!

4 people said something:

  1. kim.Jan 13, 2012 01:06 PM
    holy shit did you ever score! love the boots!! and i thought you told me aritzia had nothing on sale?!
  2. Julia @ thebooandtheboyJan 13, 2012 02:35 PM
    I think it was me that told you their sales sucked. I sure as heck didn't see those pants when I was there but I wasn't looking too hard...

    Nice stuff Jen!
  3. jenJan 13, 2012 06:18 PM
    i thought the sale was pretty awesome. if i had money i'd have bought a lot more. it's expensive to begin with so it'll never be old navy prices but if you look hard enough there are good deals to be found.
  4. SiobhanJan 14, 2012 10:13 AM
    The boots! They're gorgeous.