January 15, 2012

meet my frizz

This is my hair in it's natural state. It's thick, frizzy and well...big. So much so that when I emerged from the bathroom for picture time, husband so kindly exclaimed "wow, your hair is huge today". So I marched right back in and attempted to tone it down.  
Then we went to the mall. It's too bloody cold for much else. Big mistake when everything is on sale. I need nothing. So I bought a few little things that i'll show you tomorrow.

When Gia woke up from her nap (I swear, she doesn't live in her pj's!), my boots caught her immediate attention. Kid's got great taste!

Jeans & Sweater: Gap
Shirt & Bracelets: Joe Fresh
Boots: Verona
Earrings: Magpie

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