January 17, 2012

hair fix

For as long as I can remember, I've had issues with my hair. My sisters make fun of it, and I've spent a lot of time trying to make it look good. But sadly, I am completely inept when it comes to hair. In high school I took a ridiculous "beauty" class that had a hair styling component. I had to have my partner do her own hair cause I suck so bad at anything hair related. The best thing that ever happened to me was my flat iron. It really is the only way I can manage to make my hair look somewhat okay (read straight and boring).
The point is, I have long, thick, huge hair. People say it is gorgeous, and maybe it could be if I could even come close to learning how to style it. So that's my mission...to learn how to tame the beast. I went out yesterday and bought a bunch of products and have been searching for tutorials on how to manage curly hair. 

I'm going to try this tutorial from one of my fave bloggers Sydney. Her hair has the beachy, wavy vibe that I'm hoping I can achieve.

This no heat curls tutorial seems to be quite popular on the blogs I frequent, so I'll attempt that one too (but a non-vintage version if possible).

Wish me luck, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know if you have any tips or products you love. 


  1. I wasn't going to comment about how grateful I am that I don't have your hair...but I think I just did. ;)

  2. I think we have similar hair. My hair is thick, coarse, and is very poofy when it isn't straight or doesn't have product in it. Mine is longer than yours but otherwise I think a lot is the same. I have struggled over the years trying to control it. Pretty much until high school I would keep it slicked back in a bun, I didn't know how to deal with it! I would use gel, hairspray all kinds of stuff but nothing really worked. Just made my hair crunchy. In high school I finally got a straightener which was amazing.

    Only until a couple years ago when I was 23, I started using Herbal Essence long term relationship leave in conditioner. That's ALL I use in my hair now. It works really great the only time I have issues is during the summer in FL it gets so humid and so sometimes it's still a bit poofy. I don't straighten my hair much in the summer because of the humidity. BUT for the most part this is all I do to my hair and it looks great, the waves are perfect and it stays in control, I get sooo many compliments. Actually even when it's not perfect I get compliments lol so I guess people still like it either way!

    Also the only other thing is that when I leave my hair curly, I don't brush it. Not even with a comb because it messes it all up. Sometimes in the shower I'll put conditioner in it and comb it in the shower but once I'm out I don't brush it.

    If this new thing you're trying doesn't work out, definitely at least try the Herbal Essence. I don't know how much it costs where you are but it's like $2.99 here and goes on sale quite a bit as well. Even if you used something else on top of the conditioner like some kind of mousse, it may help you.

  3. i never brush my hair either, even when straight. since i've had my daughter it falls out like crazy and even though i have enough hair for 3 people, i'm afraid it'll all disappear one day!
    thanks for the tips. if the stuff i bought doesn't work out, i'll be hunting down your herbal essence products.

  4. I have really thick hair that I couldn't figure out how to style. When I let it air dry I'd have a few lovely curls, a lot of dry ends and a bit of frizz and just very heavy, unflattering hair. My flat iron was definitely my best friend. I'd get tons of compliments on how thick and lovely my hair looked. But I've been straightening for hair for the past 9 years (I'm 26 now) and the 45 minute ritual of blow drying and then straightening had FINALLY gotten on my last nerve. I got a haircut last week.. lots of layers & got it thinned out overall in the middle. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Now all I do is blow dry/straighten the front ( I just take two bits from both side, blow dry them together and flip it to one side), run the dryer over the rest of my hair to dry it out, toss my hair forward and run my fingers through the underneath to remove any knots and add a little volume, gather it all up on the top (so I get the ends of the layers only) and spritz some sea salt spray or some sort of curl holding spray and just let it back down. It takes me about 8 minutes and looks amazing! Try it.

  5. I have similiar hair - I really like Biolage detangling solution (conditioner). While it's still wet, I put in Moroccian oil styling cream - from where the layers start --> down (not the roots), it controls the wave & makes it more piece-y, less frizzy, if that makes sense.