January 20, 2012


I went out for a dinner with my bestie last night. We ate like pigs and drank beer, so I'm  feeling large today. I grabbed the two "roomiest" shirts I own and threw on a belt in order to create some shape and hide the bloat. I swear, it looked good in the mirror in my bedroom so out I went to a friends for lunch. But as I edited these pics, I'm wondering if the mirror was wrong cause i'm not sure I like it. I think the problem is the jeans....

I attempted the first hair tutorial today. I didn't like the results in the mirror, but I think my mirror was wrong again because I'm not really minding how it looks in these pics. It's frizzy still, but i'm thinking that's unavoidable sans flat iron.

Sweater: Costa Blanca
Blouse: Jacob
Jeans: Gap Always Straight
Boots: Aldo


  1. does that Moroccan oil stuff help with the frizz? (i think you needed tighter jeans)

  2. it helps a bit but not enough. i'm hunting for true skinny jeans (most likely jeggins) today.