October 24, 2014

If I hadn't found something to do, I would have been a crack whore.

Rick Owens Lilies cardi (Gravity Pope) ~ Noctex contrast longsleeve (fav layering piece right now) ~ Ovate wool leggings with skirt panel ~ Guidi 796G calf gomma back zips ~ Hunter Gatherer rings

title ~ quote by Rick Owens

October 23, 2014


I acquired some new Rick Owens footwear today in the form of shearling lined leather Ramones. It's about time I got my hands on some RO sneakers. I found them for a sweet price online at a store based in Kuwait called 4. This sweet price became WAY less sweet when I got nailed with $250 worth of shipping/processing/duty/tax fees. SO FRUSTRATING! So here is another store I will likely never shop at again. And to note, these did not come in half sizes (or maybe they did and were sold out) so I went with a half size up. They're really big so I should have gone a half size down.

October 18, 2014

I thought, what is the most perverse thing I could do?

Something light and fragile like tulle
   - Rick Owens (on his Faun S/S 2015 collection)

Ovate dress/tunic ~ Rick Owens Lilies leggings (Antonioli) ~ Silent Damir Doma Sila sandals (YOOX) ~ Balenciaga bracelet ~ Elaine Ho Brutaliste brass triplex pendant ~ rings from Mexico & Samantha Howard Vintage ~ old glasses that it took me 4 hours to realize I had on instead of my usual ones

October 12, 2014

For everybody’s benefit I better just do my job quietly in a little corner like I do

Rick Owens Drkshdw denim vest (YOOX) ~ Rick Owens Lilies cross draped top (Lane Crawford) ~ CItizens of Humanity cargo skinnies ~ Guidi reverse leather boots (Eva Gentry Consignment) ~ MM6 ring (SSENSE)

title quote by Rick Owens