August 27, 2014

thirty nine

Complex Geometries t-shirt ~ Rick Owens silk shorts (YOOX) ~ Maison Martin Margiela wedges (YOOX) ~ Ann Demeulemeester bag (Cahier D'Exercices) ~ Hunter Gatherer black cuff and ring ~ LaLaYeah silver ring (my birthday gift from the hubs)

It was about 35 C on my birthday Sunday, and we went to a restaurant with no A/C and sat right next to the open kitchen. This outfit was all I could come up with to withstand the heat. 

August 21, 2014

a primitive but disciplined elegance

Rick Owens Drkshdw new toga dress (Cahier D'Exercices) ~ Silent Damir Doma Sila sandals (YOOX) ~ jewelry by Hunter Gatherer

to note: i have no curves, so dresses look like crap on me. this dress is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

 {{ title quote by Rick Owens }}

August 19, 2014

A quickie from the other day

Aritzia satin bomber ~ Ovate tank ~ Rick Owens Drkshdw jeans (YOOX) ~ Guidi calf gomma 796G boots ~ Wunderkammer necklace

August 18, 2014

August 15, 2014

more awesome sales

Sometime last week I went poking around the Sale and Archive sections of Barbara Í Gongini's online shop and saw all sorts of great stuff at awesome prices. And to my surprise, when I stuck a couple of things in my cart, the prices went down even more. I didn't need much convincing to hit the pay button. This first piece I've had my eye on since she first launched it (a year ago maybe?) - it went on sale, I hesitated, it sold out, and then to my complete shock, it showed up in black in my size in the archive section. YES! (I could have at least put something on my lips)

This vest looked fun - I don't really remember seeing it before. It turned out far better than I had hoped. It's really thick, like a sweatshirt because it is lined, and is really soft cotton.

Oh, and totally boring purchase today that I am stoked about regardless...

WOW. Columbia pants. Not just any pants. WARM pants that are lines in some sort of super fleece. And they are fitted so not gross baggy old-lady pants that these can tend to be. These will be SO WELL USED come the cooler weather when I'm walking to/from work 2 hours a day. If you spot me on a sidewalk somewhere in the 'hoods of Civic Hospital, Little Italy, Chinatown or Centretown, I'll likely be wearing these. (And I'll likely be shouting "AM I THERE YET?!?!")